2022 CAJ Senior Night 毕业生分享会


00:24:05 Joshua Dong: [email protected]
00:48:08 Andover: Speaking of grades, is an “A” a 3.8 in Jericho or a 4.0?
00:48:29 Joey Liu: I believe it is a 4.0
00:49:01 Andover: Thank you. 🙂
00:50:29 Wesley Wang: I thought A is 3.8 and A+ is 4.0
00:51:17 Jasmine Li: So A is a 3.8 and A+ is a 4.0?
00:51:39 Judy Liang: how do u find out what u like / want to major in etc ?
00:51:59 Judy Liang: What type of essays stand out the most to colleges?
00:54:30 Judy Liang: How do you decide what college do you want to go to etc ?
00:54:49 Flora Qiu: are interviews an important part of the college process?
00:55:29 Vicky: How do you prepare for SAT/ACT? Attend test-prep class?
00:56:15 Judy Liang: Do you guys have any recommended sources to prepare for the SAT, or titors etc ?
00:56:23 Andover: Do you think that college application competitiveness will increase more after testblind/other Covid policies ends?
00:57:57 Judy Liang: How do you manage your time, to do as much ap’s as possible and extra curriculars?
00:59:21 Judy Liang: i meant tutors* from the question before
01:00:28 Ada Wang: Any book recommendations?
01:02:07 Robin: Does it help to have college prep counselor in early stage like 9th grade?
01:06:02 Vicky: Did you hire private college counselors? Are they helpful?
01:06:54 Judy Liang: Is it better to apply to many colleges ? like a lot of other choices ?
01:10:03 Judy Liang: what was the college counselor thing called?
01:10:34 Evelyn Zhu: @Judy Pick a Path
01:12:46 Judy Liang: Can u use the same college essay for some colleges, or does it have to be different each time?
01:13:16 Ethan Zhang: Stanford too 🙂
01:13:57 Judy Liang: can you type in the chat some books to read ?
01:14:47 Ada Wang: ^^
01:15:40 Vicky Wang: https://www.collegeessayguy.com
01:16:47 Ethan Zhang: books for teens maybe?
01:17:42 Andover: Good books to read: Wikipedia pages 😉
01:17:57 Sherry Zhao: Joy Luck Club
01:18:02 Sherry Zhao: It ends with us
01:18:05 Sherry Zhao: rejection proof
01:18:12 Sherry Zhao: battle hymn of tiger mother
01:18:19 Sherry Zhao: educated
01:18:25 Sherry Zhao: paradox of choice
01:19:03 Judy Liang: thank uuu for the tipsssss
01:19:14 Flora Qiu: Thank you so much!
01:19:20 Ada Wang: Thank you all so much!!
01:19:22 Yan Kruger: Thank you!
01:19:22 Andover: Thank you!
01:19:25 Cecilia Huang: thx
01:19:26 Judy Liang: amazing 👍🏻
01:19:34 Robin: Thanks
01:19:36 Vicky: Thank you!