Workshop #4 心理辅导和社工服务

  • 会议笔记要点:
  • Psychology service is no longer just for the ones with specialneed. It’s more for the positive psychology. Bring in the gratitude and all the good thinking to the whole district to all the students.
    心理辅导不再仅仅针对有特别需要的人,更多的是基于“积极心理学”的概念, 把积极正面 的思考方式和心存感激的理念带给所有学生。
  • Neuroplasticity-Brain keepschanging based on the experience and environment.
    认识了解神经可塑性(Neuroplasticity) – 根据心理学研究结果,   人类的大脑会不断因经验和环境变化而改变。
  • Each school has a psychiatrist, totally 5 psychiatrists.
    每所学校都有一名专业的心理辅导老师 (三所小学, 初中和高中, 共 5人)。
  • They mainly work on (他们的主要工作是):
  1. Group consulting 提供小组咨询辅导
  2. Test/evaluation 测试/评估
  3. Mindfulness and gratitudeacross the district. 提倡并引导整个学区风气
  4. Child study team meetingamong group of teachers and administration 教师和行政小组之间的学习讨论会
  5. Teacher and parentconsultation 提供老师和家长咨询
  6. Support outside schooltreatment 辅助校外的心理辅导需
  7. Observation, in classroomobservation, could be requested by parent or teacher. 课堂观察   (可根据家长或老师要求,   提供课堂观察以备咨询)
  • Social worker mainly focused more on universal identified group or individual programs or needs, such as no bullying.   More on changingthe school climate.
    社会工作者主要侧重于更普遍的群体的需求, 如反对霸凌的活动。更多的关注于 改善整个学校的风气。

  • Many programs are offered for middle school and high school students.

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